That Was Then, This Is Now

Remember when I showed you pictures of my messy and then clean living area on Friday?

If not, here’s a little reminder of how it looked after I finished doing my tidying up

Looks ok right?

Well, as of Sunday afternoon, it doesn’t look like that anymore. 😉

You see, Sunday afternoon C and I made a trip to Best Buy to say goodbye to my old PC and take a look around. We ran into our buddy M there and after talking about how much my tv is pissing me off due to it being on the fritz, proceeded to look at the tvs.  NO! We didn’t buy a new tv! (need to pay for this wedding first!) Anyway, we all got to talking and in the end, decided that our best option in the future would be to just use C’s current lcd which is upstairs in our games/movie room down stairs as our living room tv – and then just buy a new led tv for the games/movies. Sounds like a good plan right?  Well then I asked “how are we going to fit the 40″ tv down on the main floor with our current set up?” And that is when C suggested we just move the furniture around to accomodate it.

Move furniture!?  Really?!

Sidenote: I’m a crazy girl who absolutely LOVES moving furniture around and redecordating!

We had discusssed how we could potentially move the furniture, and I’m not going to lie, I was skeptic.  I had always thought about moving the furniture in this way, but alwas shied away from it fearing it would make the living/dining area feel smaller and cramped.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would look, so the second we got home from Best Buy, while C and M played around with C’s iMac, I moved furniture!!!!


No pics of the dining area today… it’s still in shambles 😉

But doesn’t it look better?!  I keep finding myself just standing in the room going – WOW!  It actually makes the room feel bigger and feel like 3 seperate spaces vs 1 big long space.  Before the layout made it feel like I just had my tv watching at one end and my eating area at the other.  Now it feels like I have a reading area, tv area and dining area.  The flow is so comfy and cozy – I love it! 🙂

Tonight’s mission is to organize my Ikea bookcase (the one in the pictures with the 8 cubes).  It’s full of all of my books from my university days.  Now that I’m also working on my office area in the basement, I think it’s time to move all of those books downstairs and make this shelving unit a little more decorative. Anyone have thoughts/ideas of what I could do with this unit?

More weekend shinanigans to come later today. 🙂 ie. our eats!!! (didn’t have time to upload everything to the mac this am!)

Have a great day!


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