What I Did On My Friday Evening

I’m telling you, it was pretty exciting!!! 😉

With it being Friday yesterday, as per my training schedule, I was supposed to come straight home after work and go for a run.  My knees had been feeling a bit ‘off’ all day (they tend to do that sometimes), so I decided that I better not push them and not run. What was a girl to do instead?

I sat at my desk in my little cubicle at work around 4:00 and quickly remembered that I’d be coming home to a house that looked like this

And this….

And this..


Now C and I aren’t normally messy people, but sometimes when we have a really busy/hectic week, things just tend to pile up. (I know this doesn’t look too too bad, but you haven’t seen the kitchen lol… I’m too embarrassed to post pictures of the kitchen right now) I then did what I’m pretty sure most healthy-living bloggers to from time to time, but don’t always admit to. 😉

I had a pop.

A cold and delicious Cream Soda.

I was tired when I got home and had a craving for the sweet sugar before I got to the house work, so I took the plunge!!!!

I then embarked on my task of dusting, vacuuming, organizing and washing floors.

I busted my little behind and within an hour, the living area then looked like this

With that out of the way, I then embarked on another task  – the basement railing.

How To Refinish a Railing

A couple of years ago, I had refinished the banister on the upstairs steps in a dark stain to have it match the hardwood floors. I LOVE my hardwood floors and having the railing match, just helped the transition from the main floor to the upstairs flow.  Now that I’m working on fixing up the basement, it was finally time to refinish the railing on the basement stairs.

This is what it originally looked like:

I’m not a big fan of the honey/golden colour of the stain – total fan of dark wood over here. So I took this picture and then said bye bye!

I then took out some sand paper and sanded my little heart out

Surprisingly it only took me about 10 minutes to have the entire thing sanded.

Next was to grab the stain and a sponge brush

I got to business and this is how it looked after the first coat (still need 1 more coat before it’s 100% done)

MUCH better!!!!

Wow this just might be one of my longest posts ever! 😉

I’m currently sitting here digesting a coffee and a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana.  I’m feeling good, so off I go for a quick morning run before it gets too hot out!  Then I am off to try my hand a wedding dress shopping!!! (I’m actually nervous to go!)

Posts about my eats to come later 😉

Have a great day!


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