Wedding Dress Shopping Is Upon Me!

Yes, I have just decided that this Saturday, I will officially begin my wedding dress shopping.  Wow!

Originally, I wasn’t planning on even starting shopping until late Oct/Nov, when I had the money, but I got sort of an eye opener the other day.  When inquiring with a somewhat local bridal shop about the price of a gown I loved, she recommended/suggested that considering my wedding is just about 7 months away, I should really start shopping ASAP. It was then when she informed me that it could actually take up to 4-6 months to get a dress if I ordered one. 4-6 MONTHS!? holy cow!  And I was the one who thought it was crazy to start dress shopping so soon!  I guess I was wrong!

But really, it’s not like I’ve been married before – how was I supposed to know?

With all of this new-to-me information, I also learned that this particular bridal shop currently has a 25% off all dresses sale going on until the 31st.  That meant this weekend is the last weekend to take advantage of the sale.

Knowing me and my sale hunting powers, I knew I’d have to go and check it out this weekend!  I immediately called my mom to see if she was free and then texted my future mother-in-law to see if she’d be home from her cottage in time.

Saturday morning, we will embark on my first wedding dress shopping excursion!!!

Here’s hoping the outing goes like most of my shopping outings… I find something right away and it’s all taken care of!

I just LOVE this one btw.  Too bad it’s too heavy-looking for a beach wedding.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping Is Upon Me!

  1. Good luck this weekend. Don’t feel pressured to buy this weekend just because of the sale, make sure the dress is the right dress for you.

    Wedding dresses can all be beautiful and when you go shopping for the first time it can be overwhelming, so,

    when you have a dress on that you like, ask yourself, IS THIS THE DRESS I SEE MYSELF GETTING MARRIED IN?

    If you aren’t sure then it might not be the one.

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