Training in Progress + Cost-Friendly Meal

Good morning everyone!

I had a fantastic ride last night on Chelsea (although short because she has a loose shoe) and headed home to stick up my new training schedule on the fridge. 🙂  When C got home and saw it his words = “wow! that’s quite the undertaking! do you think you can do it?” My response  = “Hell yeah!” C = “well that’s awesome then!”

I actually wouldn’t be able to push myself as much as I do now if it weren’t for him.  He is such an inspiration to me when it comes to my fitness and sticking with plans.  Ever since I’ve known him, he has stuck to his Tues/Thurs/Sat workout plan religiously. He even plans to workout at least twice on our wedding trip!  Now that’s dedication! He’s amazing.

After my ride last night, and doing a few weight circuits when I got home… and patching up a few holes in the basement walls (I’m planning on painting this week! yippee!!) .. I finally got to making supper.  Tuesdays always seem to be a late night for us with me going to the farm after work and C having to do his hr long workout when he gets home (he’s never home until after 7, when I ride I get home around 7). With that said, we decided on something quick and simple for supper.

It was a very low-budget, non-fancy meal. BUT, it was fantastic!!!

On the menu: Whole wheat cous cous, mixed with pasta sauce, black beans (the rest of the can that I opened for the enchiladas on Sunday) and some fresh basil from the garden.  We had this with zucchini fried in a bit of olive oil and garlic, and poached eggs for a little extra protein.

Like I said, very low-budget (this meal probably cost a total of $2-$3!!!) but fantastic.

I got the idea for the cous cous from Angela at Oh She Glows. Thanks Angela!

After I finished my incredible dinner, I sat down to play with my newest gadget (I’ll tell you all about this later) and decided to be bad and enjoy a piece of this:

A sour plum tart that my mom made using yellow plums picked off of her neighbour’s trees.  It was sour, but just so good!

Enjoy your ‘hump’ day everyone!


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