Steak? Yes Please.

I love it when the weekend starts with someone else making supper!

Last night after work, I had the pleasure of going straight to my parents place to hang out and enjoy supper.  My cousin was down visiting, so it was really nice getting to spend some time with her too!  While we waited for C to arrive (he works in Toronto which is about an hour commute), my mom, cousin and I went on a little trip to Michael’s. Oh how I love that store on a good day with their weekly 40% off coupons.  But now that I’m planning a wedding it’s even better!  I even bought stuff too! As for what I bought, I will share with you later. 😉

We had a great evening of chatting and catching up (C hadn’t seen both my parents in a few weeks because they had been away).  And as for the eats…. oh boy did we ever eat well.  but do we ever eat bad when we go to my parents’? I think not!

It was a prefect night for BBQing – so that’s what my dad did.

He BBQ’d some incredible steaks

And fresh Ontario potatoes

While my mom steamed up some fresh Ontario waxed beans (topped with fresh basil)

And some fresh Ontario beets – one vegetable I just can’t handle, but C absolutely loves!

And to top it all off, I made an ensalada caprese (my FAVOURITE!!!)

My plate!

OMG this dinner was to die for!  I ate every last bite! (well except for a couple beans and 1 piece of potato which C graciously ate for me) 😉  Definitely a perfect dinner to kick off the weekend.

Dinner at my parents is also never complete with a little chilling with Max, their cat who has been around since I was little and is about 19 now

And their puppy Charlie!!

Ok all this writing about dinner last night is making my stomach growl!  Time to go find something for breakfast then get going with my day.  Lots to do!  I’m going to head out for a ride then try and tackle the back yard.. which is pretty scary right now. eek!

Have a great weekend!!


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