Blogging About Food And Life

I’ve been a follower of several foodie/healthy-living blogs for the past 8 months or so, and have learned a LOT about the healthy lifestyles of different women in the blogging world and a lot about the incredible food they eat. 

I’d by lying if I said they didn’t inspire me.

It’s incredible how these complete strangers have taken such a large role on how I look at myself, how I look at life, and how I look at food.

With C all settled in ‘our’ house now, we are now concentrating on our fitness goals all while trying to be as healthy and money-savy as possible (we do have a wedding to pay for you know!).  Two weeks ago, we decided that it would be a great idea to generate a weekly meal plan basically to save money and not waste, stay on our healthy eating track, and avoid the “omg what are we going to eat?” frenzy after a long day at work.  The first week was great and we’re well on our way with week two now.

Now what does this have to do with foodie/healthy living blogs?

I’ve been wanting my blog to go in that direction for a while now, and I just might think I’m finally ready to get there.  I’ve learned a lot through the incredible ladies in the blog world (check my blog list at the right) and want to try and pay-it-forward!  My urge for writing has returned, so I figure why not write about this new stage in mine and C’s life together and share some totally drool-worthy foods with anyone who cares to read. 🙂


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