Did Someone Say Boudoir?

When I was approached by my friend Kristen – of Three Stride Studios and Sugar & Love – a month or so ago about modelling for a boudoir photo shoot, I was quite hesitant to give an answer.  All these thoughts started going through my mind… do I REALLY want to pose in my underwear/almost naked.. for a camera?!  Like REALLY?!  I’m not going to lie, I surprised myself when I actually jumped at the opportunity and said YES right away!

After putting a lot of thought into it, I’ve been working hard the past while to get my body where it is today.  I’m always paying close attention to what I put into my body food-wise, and with running and riding and my once-a-week barn mucking job, things are getting toned up and I’m pretty proud of where I’m at!  May 1 marks C’s and my 2 year anniversary so I thought what a great way to celebrate the occasion! I decided I would get the pictures taken not only for his anniversary gift, but really for me as well. It will be nice to have these to look back on when I’m old and wrinkly right? 😉

The shoot took place this past Saturday in a local hotel suite. Kristen was amazing!  Despite the fact that I was nervous as hell, she had me relaxed and comfortable pretty much from the moment I walked through the door!  I thought we’d be going through an awkward/uncomfortable period at the start but it was fun and relaxing throughout the entire session!  Big kudos to Kristen for that!  I felt amazing after the shoot and couldn’t wait to see the results!

I wish I could have taken a picture of C as he flicked through the online album. I think I made the right choice getting this done for his anniversary gift. 😉  It’s crazy looking at all of the shots because when I look at them, even now after looking so many times, it’s hard to believe that it’s really me! (if that makes sense at all)

Kristen – thank you SO much! You did an INCREDIBLE job! …. seriously folks – mostly my lady readers – you should really consider doing this for your man AND yourself! And hey, if you live in the GTA you should totally get a hold of Kristen. You won’t be disappointed.

…and without further ado, I’m going to suck it up and be brave!!! *eek!* (hopefully I don’t regret posting these after!lol)  Here are a few shots from my shoot!


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