My Recent WTH?! Moment

Do you ever lose things in your house? things that you know should be in a certain place but you just can’t find them? I am currently suffering from a severe case of – “Where the hell did it go?!”

You see, today I have a much deserved day off. Last night, in preparation for a lazy morning, I went to my coffee maker before bed and started to prep it so that I only needed to push the ‘on’ button this morning. I filled the coffee maker with my desired amount of water then went to my cupboard to get the filter and coffee. …now this is where I had that “where the hell did that go?!” moment… I grabbed the tin of coffee but don’t see the box of filters! I know that I don’t have very many filters left as I already had that on my grocery list for this week, but that didn’t explain the fact that the ones I had left are missing! I was actually pretty peeved at this point wondering what I did with that box. I literally tore my cupboard apart, searched the fridge, the oven! I looked everywhere and still can’t find that darn box of coffee filters!!!

Thankfully I bought myself a new kitchen toy a few weeks ago on a whim… it was on sale for only $2 and I couldn’t refuse!

Thanks to my thrifty purchase, I was still able to make myself a cup of coffee. It made just enough to fit my trusty mug! 🙂

I’m still really bothered though about the fact that I can’t find that box of filters!!!

Anyway, on with my day! Have a lovely Friday everyone!


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