Green Monsters For Me

I have decided that I’m going to join the Green Monster Movement!

I follow quite a few amazing blogs about living overall healthy lifestyles and have noticed lately that all of these ladies have recently been drinking these drinks they call Green Monsters.  Basically they are shakes/smoothies containing a significant amount (like 2C) of spinach!  Like you’re probably thinking now as you read this, and like I thought at first — EWWWWWW!!!!!!!  All of these girls swear that you can’t taste the spinach in the shakes and swear by the amazing effects drinking 1 green monster a day has had on their skin and overall well-being. I decided to do some research and realized that there is actually a Green Monster movement!  The whole thing started by a fellow Canadian, Angela from Oh She Glows.

I already live a pretty healthy lifestyle by eating a good diet and either riding or running every day, but lately I’ve noticed a major lack in overall energy.  Since many of the girls claim the green monsters have really helped to boost their energy levels, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a go! I ran out and bought a big container of baby spinach last night and made my first green monster this morning to have with my breakfast.

..although it looked more like a BROWN monster!!!!

Since I usually drink a fruit shake every morning anyway, I just decided to try throwing in the 2C of spinach and some milk with my berries.  The shake included:

2C baby spinach, 1/2C mixed berries, 3/4C skim milk, 1 banana and a few splashes of cranberry juice

Although this baby looks disgusting, it actually tasted pretty good!  I’m going to make a few changes tomorrow, but this is definitely something I’m going to be able to keep doing.

Welcome to my diet Green Monsters!


8 thoughts on “Green Monsters For Me

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