Sometimes Coffee Is All I Need

…McDonald’s coffee that is.

If I had my way, I would start each and every day with a cup of this delicious drink. Sadly, my bank account and lifestyle just can’t handle it. I tend to drink either white or green tea in my travel mug every morning at work, and every afternoon at work. On the weekends, I treat myself to some coffee at home when I wake up, but that’s it. I’ve loved McDonald’s coffee for the past few years now – since they changed their brew – but only seem to get it on special occasions.

I kind of had a bad day yesterday, mostly for hormonal/emotional reasons, and went to bed thinking to myself – I need to cheer up! And what better way to do that, but to leave a little early for work and go treat myself to a McDonald’s coffee.

That’s exactly what I did this morning. The moment I left my house this morning I felt just.. happier! I felt completely out of place marching into Walmart (where the closest McD’s is) all dressed up in my 3 inch heels and work attire, while people were literally shopping in their pyjamas!!! SERIOUSLY!! But that didn’t matter. I had my coffee.

I’m nursing this cup now, wishing I got an XL instead of a M… but at least i got some, right?

I am now in a happy state of mind and am looking forward to powering through this day.

Happy groundhog day everyone!!! (yes… they saw their shadows.. but can we really complain? this winter has been pretty rockin so far!)


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Coffee Is All I Need

  1. Maybe you'll wake up tomorrow and it will be today and you can relive the coffee.Ahhh Ground Hog Day, one of the great overplayed movies on TV

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