Lemon Bells

I received a phone call last night from my brother – something that is a rare occasion. We had a really good chat about my running plans and ideas flew through out minds about potential races we could do together including the famous CN Tower Climb. After a nice 15 minute chat, he said there was a reason for his call. That reason: he asked me if I would be a part of his wedding party – as a grooms ‘lady’! I am so excited! I had felt a little down lately knowing I wouldn’t be in the bridal party since his fiancee has 3 sisters. I just never expected him to ask me to stand up with him. I can’t wait!

Why the lemons? They had decided right from the start that the theme of their wedding will be lemon water. I am so interested to see how everything is going to unfold. Looking forward to July 3rd!


3 thoughts on “Lemon Bells

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