A New Life Goal

Call me crazy, but after a lot of thought and consideration over the past few months, I have decided that I have a new life goal.

What is this goal you might ask?

I want to run a marathon.

Do I run now? No. But no matter. I still want to run a marathon; the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon to be exact.

This is going to be quite the journey, something that I know will not be easy. But I believe that the fact that it won’t be easy, is part of what will push me to try my little heart out.

Since this is such a huge goal, which I believe will ultimately change me as a person, I have decided that in lieu of bombarding Tidbits From My Mind, the best thing to do was to start up a new blog to document my new journey from start to finish.

Interested in following me along through this journey?

Visit me at.. I Will Run

I am so looking forward to getting started!!


3 thoughts on “A New Life Goal

  1. wow, congrats! that is an awesome goal. good luck!! i'm looking forward to reading about your journey.personally, i suck at running, so I'm always amazed at people who can do it for lengthy periods of time.

  2. Amazing! I think it would be incredible doing something like that. You can imagine the feeling when you cross the finish line? I'm aiming to run the London Marathon in 2011 (although training hasn't started at all yet).Good luck girl! xxx

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