I've Been Hit By The Bug

…the cupcake bug.

I don’t know what it suddenly is about cupcakes that is making them such a rage these days, but you see them talked about on blogs everywhere and all I know is that now I want in.
I’ve loved baking for as long as I can remember. When it comes to the kitchen, I have the mentality of “Give me a recipe and I can cook or bake anything”. Trying new recipes excites me and I love to see the outcome. I never really put much thought into cupcake baking or even starting to bake more until this morning when a friend of mine introduced me to the online store, Bake It Pretty.

OH…… MY……. GOD……..

This store is absolutely drool-worthy for anyone who likes to bake – ie. me! I’ve been browsing this store all day long while making a mental list of things I would like to purchase with money that I do not have. If there was only some possible way that I could bake and actually make some money for it!
Despite my current lack of funds, I just might have to purchase a thing or two from this store and possibly try my hand at the cupcake thing. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be really good at it and something could actually come out of this silly new-found obsession of mine! Am I crazy?

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