My Return to the World of Blogging

It has been almost a week since the end of my second round of holidays for the year and I am now finally getting back into the swing of things with my normal schedule. It’s crazy how after only 11 days away, it took me this long to get back into my routine.

My holiday this time was exactly what I needed and couldn’t have been any better. C and I both had the time off and we got to spend each and every day together. It was 11 days of bliss. We had nothing in particular planned and just took each day as they came. Aside from our fabulous lazy mornings and veging in front of the tv, highlights include going to the ROM in Toronto while visiting with my brother and his fiance, eating some incredible pizza at this new chique restaurant in the city, going with my mom to take her 5 month old puppy, Charlie to lake Ontario for his first time, and enjoying my horse. I am still sad that it has come and gone and I am back to working 40 hrs a week. Is it December yet? 😉

Here are some highlights in photos:
My horse Chelsea looking enthusiastic on day 1.
C providing Athena with some arms at the ROM.

Charlie in the lake for his first time.

Chelsea and I on my last day off.


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