What A Storm

When one hears warnings of tornadoes on the television and radio, you would think you were listening to news pertaining to the southern US. Perhaps in states like Texas, and Oklahoma. I know I certainly wouldn’t expect to hear such a thing for here! In Ontario!

On the morning news yesterday, there was talk about a big thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening hours on the day, but even the weather men and women did not expect what unfolded. As of this moment, there have been 2 confirmed F2 tornadoes in the town of Durham, ON and Vaughan, ON. However, there is visual proof of at least 5. One little 11 year old boy in Durham sadly lost his life, and many people in Woodbridge and Vaughan lost parts of their homes.

I was hearing about all the damage that had occurred while driving home from work yesterday. It’s about 5:20 and I’m driving along the 401 with the sun shining over my head. (I live just east of Toronto) I get home, and start bbq’ing my supper right away. Honestly just in maybe a span of 10 minutes, the clouds came. I still figured we were just going to get a normal thunder storm, but boy was I wrong.

We left the house just before 7pm to meet my parents at their puppy’s graduation from puppy school. By 7:30 the thunder was going strong and the power had already gone out twice, thus cancelling the rest of puppy graduation. I honestly have never in my life seen clouds like the ones I saw last night.

The power was out all over when I was trying to drive home making it a long drive with having to attempt to get through the intersections which were now 4-way stops. The storm was moving faster than I was in the car and the clouds actually looked like a tidal wave barrelling over top. Lighting surrounded us from every direction, and then the rain came. And with the rain, came the wind. My car was getting bashed around as in inched closer and closer to the intersection. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was terrified! It just got so dark, so fast!

My drive home took about 25 minutes, and it usually takes only 5. But.. I made it home safe. Thankfully there was no damage at my house, or in my neighbourhood. The only downside was the power outage. It went out around 7:30pm and did not return until almost midnight when I had already gone to bed.

I turned on the news first thing this morning and all I saw were images of destruction. I feel so absolutely horrible for those in the towns where the tornadoes hit, but at the same time am thanking my lucky stars that it didn’t hit as hard here.

I definitely think this is going to be the storm of the year.


One thought on “What A Storm

  1. Ah! I live in the GTA too!! Sadly I missed the WHOLE storm! My Hubs and I went to see District 9, and it was juuuust starting to rain when we went in, and when we got out the power was out from Bowmanville to Ajax. I couldn't believe all the pictures and videos I saw today!!

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