What are People Thinking?

So I’m driving back to work on the 401 today. **for any readers who don’t know what the 401 is, it’s basically the main highway/freeway here in Ontario** I drive this highway every day to work in the morning, then back to work at lunch time and tend to see stupid driving left, right and center. Never before have I seen what I saw today though! Over in the right lane, I see this white van – one of the ones that don’t have side windows – and what do I see sticking out of the driver’s window? His sock-covered foot!
This driver was actually driving with his shoe off and his left foot sticking out of his window! On the 401!! On what is known as part of the busiest stretch of the 401 at that! The traffic was flying today and jam packed. Oh I really don’t get people sometimes… Here’s hoping there was an OPP officer hiding out at one of the upcoming ramps. That person deserved to be nailed before he causes harm to someone else.

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