Thoughts on Jon and Kate

Well, it was inevitable that I make a post about Jon and Kate. They are in the media left right and center and it’s pretty hard to ignore what has happened. I have been a true fan of the show, and what has happened in recent months with this family has really saddened me. If you haven’t heard by now, last night the couple announced on their show that they planned to separate. Then, towards the end of the episode, there was a pop up stating that yesterday, June 22, 2009, the couple proceeded with the courts to dissolve their marriage. So there you have it. Divorce. Very sad indeed – and I am sad mostly for the kids. I hate to see families fall apart. And, as much as I love watching the show and seeing those adorable kids grow up, I really honestly think that Jon and Kate are crazy for continuing on with the show. The *right* thing to do would have been to cancel. But then again, who knows what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe they do want to stop, but are already bound in a contract to keep going? Who knows. Shame on TLC though for raking in the cash and the viewers at the expense of this family though. The whole situation is very upsetting, and I can only hope the kids will be able to recover from the traumatic experience that is potentially ahead of them.


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